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don't try to bleed me

cause i've been there and i deserve a little more

i belong anywhere but in between
1 December 1986

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I only add people I know in real life. That may seem mean, but it makes me less crazy that way. I like to know that people actually know what I'm writing about. To a degree.

Things to click/credit I've given

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Your Type is
Extroverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging
Strength of the preferences %
42 12 50 67

Qualitative analysis of your type formula

You are:
-moderately expressed extrovert
-slightly expressed intuitive personality
-moderately expressed feeling personality
-distinctively expressed judging personality

More about that here and here
a beautiful mind, america's next top model, american eagle polo shirts, anti-pants, anti-thong, any kind of music, art, babies, bass, beautiful people, being a girl, being naked, bling-bling, books, bread, buddhism, candles, car customization, chili cheese fries, clever quotes, clone high, clothes, coffee snobbery, comedy central, complete and utter honesty, concerts, conspiracies, corny pick-up lines, crybaby, deep conversations, desire, dexter, diamonds, dirty humor, disney, dreams, driving cars fast, edna st. vincent millay, embarrassing my friends, fire, food, forensic medicine, foxes, francais, fried chicken, fruit, fucking michael c. hall, futurama, games, gap jeans, germany, ghetto things, hakuna matata, history, hondas, humor, imaginary games, immoral behavior, impressionism, infinity, innuendo, instant messaging, intelligence, intelligent humor, jack black, jack the ripper, jfk, john grisham, johnny depp, journaling, kate winslet, kissing, kissing + holding hands, lava lamps, legally blonde, life, literary devices, literature, local bands, london, long hair, love, loving my beautiful freak, lyrics, marvel zombies, mascara, mashed potatoes, materialism, monty python's holy grail, movies, mud, muffins, musicals, nerds, pi, piercings, pink, pirates, plays, pop art, procrastination, punctuation marks, radical thinking, requiem for a dream, sarcasm, serial killers, seven years in tibet, sexmuffins, sexy panties, sharpies, shoes, shopping, singing, songs, star wars, stars, stephen lynch, surrealism, sweet delusions of grandeur, swimming, tattoos, that math-oholic named justin, the eiffel tower, the food network, the godfather trilogy, the history channel, the mafia, the sound of rain, unexpected kisses, vh1, victoria's secret, virgin suicides, visual arts, wandering at 3 am, webcomics, white boys, white oleander, will & grace, wit, words, writing, zen, , ,